Given that Alberta is known to parade their red meat as the staple, you may think that this is not a place for vegans and vegetarians. But, think again. You might be surprised at what this province has to offer within its foodie cities.

Best Choice if you’re on-the-go: Loma House

Not every traveler likes to dilly dally during the trip, and we may even find ourselves on the run towards the next destination. So, if you’re in a hurry and you need to get your fill, head over to Loma House. This restaurant knows a salad won’t be enough, so they furnished a menu that offers enough vegetarian and vegan options on the go. 

You can even order pre-made frozen meals you can take with you to reheat at the hotel.

Best Choice for Advocacy Support: Calgary The Coup

Being a vegan or a vegetarian usually comes with an initiative or advocacy, and we have a restaurant in Calgary that does its part. That said, with every food order, the restaurant admin sees to it that they offset their waste so they can plant more trees each month. In addition to this, they practice the farm-to-plate food service, so that’s plus points for ethical conduct.

Best Choice for Healthy Menu: Heart’s Choice Thai Vegan Cafe

Utilizing a cuisine with Thai at the core, we have the casual and cozy Heart’s Choice café. Not only do they offer a wide range of choices that keep your nutrition in check, but servers also take note of any dietary restrictions that may affect your experience. Additionally, this restaurant gives you value for your money, and it won’t cost you too much for a good meal.

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