Among the Prairie Provinces, we have Alberta which bears the promises of beautiful landscapes and mouthwatering dishes to satisfy any traveler. There’s so much to love about the province, and somehow it can find you a reason to stay a little longer – if not for the views, for the food. So, let’s cut to the chase and let’s go three prime representations of what the Alberta experience is all about: red meat, delectable delicacies, and grand picturesque views.


When we’re talking about the roast and grilled meat, we mostly think of a Greek-themed restaurant, Balkan. Located in Banff, Alberta, this Mediterranean establishment offers more than just a heavenly experience for your taste buds. It also shares its culture utilizing traditional dances and celebratory rituals to let people know what the Greeks are all about. 

If you want a noteworthy dining experience to share with your friends back home, you should make a reservation today.

Duchess Bake Shop

Among the classic patisseries in Alberta is one that showcases a delightful aesthetic that can entice anyone – even those who claim to don’t do sweets. The Duchess Bake Shop offers authentic European desserts crafted under the skill of Canadian expertise. That said, we are presented a plethora of baked goodies from Florentines, cookies, croissants to butter tarts that, we have to say, can be hard to say no to.

Lakeview Lounge

If you want a dining experience that doesn’t just center on the food, this place is for you. It promises you a grand dining experience, the classic elite atmosphere, and an eye-capturing view of the surrounding fir forestry. This is the ideal choice for those who want to take things a little boujee, or if there is something worth celebrating.

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