With the Canadian Rocky Mountains on the West and the vast badlands and prairies on the East, we welcome you to the picturesque province of Alberta. If you’re headed this way, we guarantee you a trip with a feast for your senses. Alberta is a region of national and provincial parks, boreal forests, and spectacular landscapes, but there’s more to it than just that. Traveling for leisure in Alberta is refreshing for the mind, so get yourself ready for a noteworthy experience of a lifetime.

Whether you’re out for a road trip or are planning a vacation in Alberta, we urge you to try out the traditional cuisine of the locale to fuel your travels. That said, you can count on us at Zinc Restaurant to provide valuable information on anything related to food in Alberta.

We at Zinc Restaurant treat cuisine and experience with high regard. We believe that these comprise the ultimate showcase of tourism in any place. Moreover, there is no other place that puts red meat on a pedestal like Alberta. So, if you’re looking to stock up on some protein before a long day of traveling or hiking, we know the best spots for you.

We don’t only serve signature dishes of Alberta. We also provide, both locals and tourists, an overview of the restaurant and food scene in the one and only “Energy Province” of Canada.