It is important to understand the e-cig and Vape stockists policies of the airline you will use before you travel with your e-cigarettes. Besides, you should check the e-cigarette and vaping laws of the country you will be travelling to.

How to Pack a Vape Gear Before Travelling

It is allowed to vape or uses an e-cig while onboard in an aeroplane. You can however pack easily your e liquids and e-cigs in luggage. If you have hand luggage, you will be required by the airline to carry in it lithium-ion batteries. You can then put in vape batteries. If you have checked or larger hold luggage, you can pit in your liquids. It is advisable to load them inside plastic bags and ensure that they do not drip on your clothes.

Emptying Your Vape Container Before Flying

Air pressure while in-flight can make clearomizers and vape tanks leak. It is recommended that you ensure your vape tank is empty before flying. E-cigarettes that have refills cannot leak.

E-Cig Policies for Airlines

British Airways

One can have electronic cigarettes in his or her carry-on luggage. You are however advised to ensure that the e-liquids are sealed in a clear bag, with 100ml for each bottle. You can carry up to 15 batteries packed in either checked or hand luggage as long as the batteries are installed in a device.


You can take e-cigarettes with spare batteries not more than two in a cabin bag. Vape juices and refills should be placed in plastic bags that are clear alongside other liquids.

 Eastern Airways

Eastern Airways allows its customers to be on board with Electronic cigarettes. However, they should be carried by an individual and not in his or her luggage. They do not permit refills while on board.


Spare and loose batteries should be placed inside the carry-on luggage only, and should not have more than 20 batteries. They must also be off. Liquids and refills must be placed within the liquid allowance and sealed in a plastic bag.


Jet2 permits customers to carry their e-cigarette batteries in hand luggage, with a total of up to 20 batteries. If your battery is sealed in the device, you can switch it off and pack it in your checked luggage. Liquids and refills in the hand luggage should not be more than 100ml for each bottle.


E-cigarettes and vape devices must be placed only in carry-on luggage. E-liquids and refills should be packed inside your hand luggage in bottles of up to 100ml in size.


Customers can only pack their e-cigarettes products in their hand luggage. Liquids should not be more than 100ml and should be presented in a clear plastic bag.

TUI Airways

Refills or e-liquids that are in the hand luggage should be placed in plastic bags that are very clear. A maximum of 100ml is allowed for every bottle. For those with checked luggage, they can carry bigger bottles or a larger amount of e-liquid. Batteries can only be carried in hand luggage.

Vaping Regulation at the Airports

Birmingham Airport

Vaping is only allowed in the designated smoking areas. You are not allowed to vape while on board.

Exeter Airport

Smoking and using e-cigarettes are not allowed at all within the airport

London Gatwick

You can only vape in the permitted smoking zones outside their terminal buildings.

Bristol Airport

Vaping is allowed at designated smoking zones situated at the arrivals exit.

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