If a community is known for producing great main courses, you can expect them to put up until the last course – which is dessert. In addition to that, we have to say that Canadians do love their tarts and cakes. In Alberta especially, we have bakeries and dessert stores that get their ingredients from their local community farms, so we can say that this is an economy that is well-supported by Agricultural supply. With all that said, let’s dive in.

A Sweet Influence

When you look through the menu of these dessert stores, or even just through their glass displays, you can see a striking French aesthetic to it. That’s because the French were primarily the first European colonizer of the country. With that, they were able to bring in the cakes, eclairs, and crepes. The influence is especially prominent in the superb baked products served at the Duchess Bake Shop in Edmonton, Alberta.

Another patisserie you can check out is the Éclair de Lune in Calgary. Their wide array of crowd favorite cakes and pastries just goes to show the locale just loves a good selection of sweets. Aside from all the danishes and croissants, some establishments serve different dairy products, like COWS in Banff, Alberta.

To conclude, if you’re coming to Alberta with a sweet tooth, we guarantee you will get your cravings satisfied. Just be sure to bring your toothbrush along, because you’ll be in for a sweet sugary trip.

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